miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010

Horario de tienda by Isabel Maria

Horario de tienda is a video or creative documentary which portrays the daily routine of seven classic shops, all located in the historical centre of Madrid. This audiovisual project by Isabel María “is structure in seven chapters that represent each of the shops during one hour of their usual opening hours. In this way a complete working day is described and a highly specialised sort of trade with a long-standing tradition and an uncertain future is surveyed(…) Using the camera as a witness of the commonplace, the artist enters into the privacy ofa number of ‘public’ spaces in a direct way, with no filter, with no prior value judgements (see the hostility of the owner of teh bread factory towards the immigrants who have settled in Lavapiés, a central and tarditional poor district). The camera is the element that structures the writing of the stories. The filmmaker doesn’t Intend. To prove anything, merely register—observing, attentive to what goes on, with no previous script— the passing of real time, that of the recording (‘shop hours’ refers to the opening times ofshops in Madrid: from 10.00 to 2.00 and from 5.oo to 8.00) and that of remembrance, a time that is updated in each comment, in each gesture

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